Molicel P28A 2800mAh 18650 Battery

    2800Mah Molicel 18650 3.7v battery


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    Molicel P28A 2800mAh 18650 Battery

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    P28A 2800Mah Molicel 18650 3.7v battery:

    • Brand: Molicel
    • Model: P28A
    • Size: 18650
    • Chemistry: INR
    • Nominal Capacity: 2800mAh
    • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
    • Discharge: 25A Max Continuous
    • Positive: Flat
    • Protected: NO
    • Rechargeable: Yes
    • Dimensions: 18.6mm x 65.1mm
    • Weight: 48g

    Safe use, storage and disposal

    Lithium-ion (Li-ion/Liion) batteries/cells can be dangerous when mistreated.

    • Never carry loose cells – they should always be suitably cased when not in use.
    • Do not short batteries with metallic objects such as keys or loose change.
    • Always use a battery charger designed for Lithium-Ion cells.
    • Never leave a battery charger unattended.
    • Never completely discharge batteries. (The cut-off for most cells is 2.5v or 2.8v) Check the manufacturer's datasheet.
    • Outer wraps and insulator rings should be checked for damage regularly. Replace worn or damaged wraps before continuing use.
    • Do not expose to extremes of heat or cold, or sudden fluctuations between the two.
    • Always dispose of end-of-life cells at your local WEEE recycling centre.

    Molicel battery

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